Executive Management

As the founder and CEO of Ottu, Talal AlAwadhi is responsible for leading the company’s fast growing business in Kuwait and across the region. A seasoned technology entrepreneur, Talal oversees all aspects of Ottu’s business and has a special interest in fintech and Internet infrastructure. A visionary by nature, Talal has a strong track record of executive management and a rich experience of bolstering growth within the technology industry in Kuwait. Talal is a recognized expert in Blue Ocean Strategy, capturing markets and utilizing balanced scorecards which augments to achieve strategy based execution. He is well-versed in a range of technology fields, including fintech, cloud, e-commerce, domains, internet infrastructure, online payments and innovative technology. His renowned capability to deliver premium financial platform such as Ottu has enabled businesses in the region to scale and grow.

Throughout his time providing winning industry solutions for the fintech and innovative technology, Talal’s focus has been on value-creation for customers. Talal has worked in most organizations and startups where this factor has been the driving force. With his proven leadership in his field making him an invaluable asset and highly regarded innovation expert. Under his leadership, Ottu has also been selected for the award for the best Fintech Company from the 25 Fintech companies in the Middle East for 2022. This achievement is in lieu with how Ottu has been revolutionizing the fintech industry in the Middle East. It is a proud moment for the leadership team and its employees as it is breaking down the barriers for its merchants.

Talal’s adept strategic direction for his company and his creation of highly efficient business modeling have resulted in the forging of strong and rewarding business partnerships and facilitated successful growth and expansion. His position at the helm of Ottu involves him in creating a culture of growth and financial probity that enhances his organisation’s operations, further engendering confidence and restructuring the fintech arena. Talal holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kuwait University, College of Business Administration and an MBA from London Business School.

As Deputy CEO at Ottu - the leading Fintech solutions provider - Munaf Bukhari oversees the company’s business operations and international expansion. Applying a meticulous approach to his work, Munaf has a keen eye for developing opportunities that will lead to the full realization of Ottu’s potential for inspiring positive change. Key highlights of Munaf’s career with Ottu to date have been the building of a dynamic ecosystem with financial institutions and the acquiring of several large merchants for the company’s expanding portfolio. He has been instrumental in combining the latest technological developments with financial services and applications to develop Ottu and successfully propelled its ambition to disrupt the industry and provide better fintech services to businesses.

Among Munaf’s current array of responsibilities are developing and enhancing Ottu’s product offerings, onboarding key talents, mentoring the team and fostering relations with banks and schemes. Munaf’s long career in telecommunication and mobile financial services has encompassed all aspects of the Fintech industry. He started his career path in 2002 and has held important positions in the telecom industry with international experience in strategy and business modeling.

He was involved in developing multicultural teams delivering multi-million US dollar products and solutions, spearheading strategic initiatives across continents. Forging a reputation for his strong pragmatic approach Munaf became a noted resource for leading operators and fintech companies in the region, helping them to grow their business. Munaf Bukhari holds an MBA degree from the London Business School, certificationsfrom The Wharton School - Leadership, Cornell University - Building resilience and is an Electronics & Communication engineering graduate.

Danah Taqi is Chief Communications Officer of Ottu. She has more than 13 years of experience in Communications, Marketing & Media. A passionate Communications expert, Danah oversees Ottu’s marketing & communications strategy locally and internationally. She is responsible for driving the company’s strategy across this newly expanded region & leads the overall brand of Ottu.

In addition, she has launched multiple tech-related projects including ARCH the Architectural Platform in addition to Kuwait Guide & KSA Directory. The three of these projects were initiatives to support SMEs. Prior to Ottu, Danah has served as a State Employee & held several positions within the private sector.

She holds a holds a Masters degree in Marketing, Communications & Media from Sorbonne University. An executive degree in Launching New Ventures from Harvard Business School and a bachelor degree in Information Systems from the American University of Kuwait.

Khurram is an accomplished team builder with a remarkable 17 years of experience in leadership, sales and team management, operational plans, critical role in driving revenue growth, collaboration partnership engagements, and SaaS business solutions, he has honed expertise in communication, sales enhancement, and innovative product monitoring.

His visionary approach has propelled businesses to new heights while staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 1st person to onboard for Ottu (in 2016) , currently serving as the Regional Business Director for Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA and in the verge for the expansion of business in other regions as well, he swiftly propelled Ottu to conquer regional frontiers, leaving competitors trembling in its wake.

An undisputed leader, he has successfully spearheaded time-sensitive, cross-functional initiatives within a fast-paced and highly entrepreneurial environment. His ability to deliver structured and organized work, coupled with their self-discipline, has earned him the admiration of peers and superiors alike. With a keen business eye that sets him apart, he has been adding the perfect touch of magic to Ottu's journey of triumph since its inception. His insatiable hunger for knowledge propels him forward, solidifying his status as a visionary luminary in the field.

Saud is a seasoned finance director with a wealth of experience in both the banking sector and the dynamic world of fintech. With a career spanning over 12 years, Saud graduated from Kuwait university bachelors in finance and developed a deep understanding of financial systems, risk management, and strategic decision-making in the finance industry.

Saud began his professional journey in the banking sector, where he gained comprehensive knowledge of financial products, regulatory frameworks, and customer relationship management. His early years in banking exposed him to a range of roles, from retail banking to corporate finance, allowing him to cultivate a holistic view of the industry. Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, Saud transitioned into the fintech space, seeking new challenges and opportunities.

He joined Ottu in 2020, eager to leverage his banking experience and contribute to the company's growth and innovation. Currently serving as the Finance Director at a prominent fintech firm, Saud is responsible for overseeing the company's financial operations, driving strategic financial planning, and ensuring regulatory compliance. He leads a team of finance professionals, collaborating closely with internal stakeholders to develop and execute financial strategies that align with the company's goals.